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Why you should choose iOS for your business phone

It’s the age old debate in the world of smartphones.

Should you use Apple and iOS, or should you go for Android?

A lot of it comes down to personal choice, but there are several reasons you could benefit from using iOS as your business phone’s operating system.

At Communications Plus we stock the full range of Apple iPhones for business, and we know a lot about the benefits of using iOS in your business.

Here’s our top reasons that using iOS could be the right decision for you.

iOS is easy to use

As far as user friendliness goes, it doesn’t get any easier than iOS.

Talk to any iPhone user – or user of any Apple device – and they’ll tell you that one of the main reasons they use Apple is because of how easy and intuitive the tech is to use.

And this typically remains the same even after software updates.

If you’re looking for an easy operating system that any employee can quickly get to grips with, iOS could be the best choice.

It’s very secure

Security has become less of an issue between iOS and Android – but iOS is renowned for its security.

One of the reasons iOS is still ahead when it comes to data security is because it has strict protocols and procedures before apps can be allowed in the App store.

Unlike Android, iOS isn’t an open source platform, so applications can only be edited by the initial company who created them.

All apps and features are tested rigorously on iOS’s specific platform before being launched.

Plus, with biometric security protecting your phone, it’s extremely difficult to unlock or break into a phone if you lose it or it’s stolen.

Built for business

All business applications are available on iOS and the platform also supports highly popular apps like Office365.

For business users, iOS allows users of Office365 applications to use them over the cloud to allow real-time collaboration between teams.

It’s popular

iOS still lags behind Android when it comes to simple popularity – given that Android operates across mobile manufacturers and iOS is strictly for Apple products.

Having said that, iOS is incredibly popular, particularly among younger users and within certain industries.

This means that if you’re planning on having multiple mobile phones within your business, there’s a good chance your employees will already be familiar with the iOS operating system.

It’s built for multitasking

If you’ve ever used iOS before you’ll know that it’s a great tool for multitasking and can withstand multiple applications running at once without problems.

You could easily listen to voice notes while reviewing documents at the same time or write emails while listening to a podcast or some focus music and you won’t see any drop in performance.

Plus, if you’ve got more than one iOS device, you can complete work on one, knowing it’ll be saved across all of them.

Built in mobile payments and digital wallet

Like most business smartphones, iOS comes complete with Apple Pay built into devices, making it easy to use your iPhone for business purchases.

It also has a digital wallet built in meaning you can keep any conference passes, payment cards and any other mobile card stored safely in one place.

Get an iOS ready business mobile phone from Communications Plus

At Communications Plus we stock the complete range of Apple iOS smartphones for business, including the latest Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

Whether you’re looking for the latest enterprise level smartphone with iOS or something a little more budget friendly, we’ll have something for you.

Our experts are on hand to make sure you get the best phone for your budget with the right level of minutes, messages and mobile data – along with storage and memory – that you need.

Browse our iPhone collection or get in touch for more information.

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