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Create complete unified communications

Whether you’ve got a full or partially remote workforce, having the ability for every employee to connect easily with each other and customers is essential for productivity and service.

3CX allows you to extend your office telephone to wherever your employees are over the internet, through their smartphone.

Replacing your static. traditional PBX telephone system with a more agile, adaptable internet-based telephone system, 3CX can be deployed easily on-premises for your office-based employees, and over the cloud for your remote workforce.

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Easy to manage

Without the need for additional hardware you can more easily manage your software based phone based as an additional application

Easy to scale

Simply add more phones and lines to your business’ network without the need for additional ports or processors

More varied features

Make use of Windows’ features and innovations and easily integrate your 3CX systems with your Windows applications

Reduce call costs

Bring the costs of your business calls down with a more efficient and cost effective phone over the internet system

Unify your communications

Easily connect your office phone line with remote devices and smartphone to create a fully Connect every employee, everywhere with a next generation office phone systemremote, unified communication network
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Leverage more VOIP providers

Take advantage of existing network providers like Skype Connect to bring your employees and customers closer together
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More than a simple telephone solution

Your business is no longer restricted by geography, so why restrict your phone communications to simply voice when you could unify your entire voice, video, data and messaging services under one system?

Unlike the old, rigid phone networks of the past, 3CX doesn’t require any additional hardware and can be deployed over the cloud using your employees’ iOS and Android devices.

With 3CX you can take your office extension with you wherever you go and simply forward calls to your office number directly to your mobile, no matter where you’re working.

Create better communication for your fixed and remote workforce with an internet-based phone system that fits around your business.

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Get 3CX with Communications Plus

Create a fully unified, remote business telephone system using 3CX and Communication Plus.

Whether you’re working completely or partially remote, 3CX means you’re never more than a click away from your office phone.

Leave the inefficiencies of traditional, fixed phone lines behind with an internet-based system that puts your business entire voice, video and messaging services in one place.

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