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We’re all so reliant on video conferencing, data transfers and managing our critical business operations from anywhere today that any drop in broadband connection can be disastrous.

Video calls stutter and drop off, large file shares stall and fail.

These are all the result of slow broadband.

Full Fibre Broadband can handle the most demanding enterprise tasks without disruptions to service, even when you’re competing with dozens of other devices and data heavy tasks like video conferencing or dealing with cloud based data files.

Get FTTP for your business broadband and never worry about your business losing connections.

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Full Fibre Broadband

Agile businesses needs the fastest fibre broadband connection

FTTP for business broadband customers is the ideal solution when you need fast, reliable speeds for your essential operations to work efficiently.

Unlike traditional fibre broadband – which only uses fibre cabling to a street cabinet before completing the connection to you with copper wiring – FTTP extends that fibre cable connection right to your doorstep.

This ensures you get the fastest, most reliable business broadband speeds.

You can manage downloads and uploads easily and future proof your broadband network to handle more data as you grow.

Upgrade your business’ fibre broadband and make the most of the latest technology and communication networks that can take your business to the next level.

FTTP: Full Fibre Broadband

Benefits of full fibre business broadband

Faster broadband speeds

Transfer large amounts of data quickly and reliably with business broadband speeds upt 25X faster than your typical business broadband

More reliable uploads speeds

Don’t worry about your video conferencing or VoIP network lagging mid-meetings by getting the same uploads and download speeds across your business broadband network

More reliable business broadband

No more worrying about data transfers affecting the rest of your network or freezing in the middle of a video conference. 100% full fibre business broadband provides better connections

Get better access to cloud services

Access and store your data anywhere you want with your full fibre business broadband makes uploads faster

Expand your communication network

Don’t limit yourself on communication options. With Full fibre business broadband powering your connection you can deploy a fully unified communication system including all your voice, texts and video calls in one place

Secure connection

Download files, browse the internet, access your business critical systems and communicate across channels without worrying about compromising your business with a fully secure, fast fibre business connection

FTTP Broadband

Get fast, reliable full fibre business broadband with Communications Plus

Find a great deal on your business’ full fibre broadband and start improving your business’ operations and communications with the help of Communications Plus.

We’ve got a range of great deals available on the fastest fibre broadband so you can build better connections and create a faster, more reliable and more secure business broadband solution.

Get specialist support when you need it to ensure your full fibre broadband is installed and configured properly so you don’t miss a step, and if you need further support, our business broadband specialists are available to help you resolve problems quickly.

At Communications Plus we’re dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes get the most out of their fibre broadband so they can take advantage of the technology available to make themselves more operationally efficient and cost effective.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs or browse our offers.

FTTP Fibre Broadband

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    What is full fibre broadband?

    Full Fibre broadband, sometimes called FTTP or Fibre To The Premises, is a more reliable broadband connection. Unlike regular broadband, which carries internet data over a fibre cable to a box in the street before completing the connection to premises using copper wiring, full fibre creates a fibre connection all the way to the building.

    This creates a faster, more reliable connection.

    What are the installation challenges of FTTP?

    While it’s not a particularly difficult challenge to overcome, unless you already have fibre cabling installed at your business premises, you’ll need to have the existing copper wiring replaced with fibre before you can benefit from FTTP.

    Will my internet stop working while installing FTTP?

    If you already have FTTP and are simply switching providers then no, your service can continue uninterrupted. However, if you’re having fibre cabling installed then you might see some downtime in your internet connection while the new cables are installed.

    What speeds can we get with FTTP?

    With full fibre business broadband you could experience speeds of upto 500Mbps, although these faster speeds are more suited to large businesses which regularly use high data systems and applications like video conferencing or use a cloud-based internet or phone system.

    The other typical speeds available run from 76Mbps to 150 Mbps to 300Mbps.

    If you’re not sure which broadband speed is right for your business, talk to one of our advisors and we’ll be able to guide you towards making the right choice for your business.

    How much will it cost to switch to full fibre broadband?

    For the most part, it won’t cost you anymore to switch to full fibre broadband than you’re already paying for your existing connection.

    You may incur an installation charge if you need the fibre cabling installed on your business’ premises, but these charges will be determined at the time.

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