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Want to know more about how Horizon can improve your call management?

Improve your business with a cloud hosted phone system

Transform your business’ phone system from a hardware heavy, static tool into an adaptable, scalable network fit for a modern company.

With Horizon, you can keep your employees connected from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you work fully remote, or have multiple offices, or simply want a flexible phone system that can change quickly as your business does, Horizon’s suite of phone systems provide a cost effective, easy answer.

What sort of business are you?

We have solutions to fit all sizes

Reduce your call costs

Manage your calls over the internet and bring down the costs of local, national and mobile phone numbers no matter where you are

Improved flexibility

Work from the office, home or anywhere else and continue to answer your business calls without disruption

Easy integration

Use the Horizon desktop client to connect your office phone to any mobile device, including your laptop or PC.

Reduce management

Without the need to manage multiple pieces of hardware you can reduce the administration time and costs that come with managing your business’ phone system

Create a scalable phone network

Easily add new lines and users to your phone network with a few clicks and expand your communications across borders

Reduce IT costs

Help your employees to manage their own calls while you can configure and adapt your call network without the need for IT support
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Flexible cost effective cloud phone system

Enable your employees to work from anywhere without putting your communication or collaboration at risk with a cloud based phone system from Horizon.

Stop relying on fixed phone lines and instead, turn every device in your business into an office phone capable of managing all your voice, video and messaging services.

You don’t need to worry about excessive hardware or maintenance costs.

With a central, software-based phone service you can connect all your employees and office locations over the cloud with nothing more than internet access.

Wherever your employees are they can easily answer, transfer and manage your calls with ease.

Looking for Business Mobile Phone Systems

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Get Horizon’s cloud phone system with Communications Plus

Remove the barriers to your business’ phone management with a flexible, scalable Horizon cloud-based system from Communications Plus.

With Horizon you can turn your phone system into a fully integrated communication network able to handle all your voice, video and messaging under one platform, across all your devices, from anywhere.

And you can do all this while reducing your overall costs and removing the need for additional IT support.

Want to know more about how Horizon can improve your call management?

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