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Improve your call flexibility with SIP Trunks

Move all your business’ crucial communications into one unified solution that can improve connectivity, create better flexibility across call and data transfers and significantly reduce your operational costs.

By switching from outdated ISDN based communications to a digital SIP Trunk system, you can move all your calls, texts, emails, instant messaging and conferencing online using your existing internet connection and infrastructure.

There’s no need for any additional hardware and new lines can be added or removed quickly and easily.

sip trunks

Improve operational efficiency with SIP Trunks

Because SIP Trunking moves your entire communication network to an internet-based system, it removes the need for fixed phone lines and provides a centralised call management service that allows you to manage all your communication through a web portal.

Manage all your business’ phone numbers from one place, and consolidate your entire inbound call estate into a single platform so you never miss a call.

Instantly, easily add or remove new numbers as and when you need to scale your call answering.

And remove the geographical restrictions of setting up business in a new area.

With SIP Trunking you can easily set up and move your business’ phone number to a new location and ensure your teams can take their communications and data requirements with them, no matter where they’re working.

SIP Trunking

Benefits of SIP solutions

Scalable phone lines

Add or remove phone lines as and when you need them, all while keeping your existing number

Disaster proof your communications

Easily reroute your calls to another location with SIP Trunking’s built-in disaster recovery meaning your communications are always operational

Integrate with your existing systems

SIP Trunking can easily integrate with existing business networks and popular communication applications like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Get control of your communications

Combine SIP Trunk management with your web portal and get complete control over the way you manage all your inbound calls and comms

Create secure communications

Protect your business’ phone numbers from hackers or abuse online and maintain the integrity of your business’ reputation

Prioritise your phone lines

Reduce the amount of maintenance your IP phone lines require and protect your communications and operations across multiple sites

Consolidate your communications with SIP Trunking

Adapt your business’ critical communications to meet the needs of today’s world.

Remove the barriers created by rigid, fixed phone lines and move your entire communications system into a unified network where you can manage everything from one place.

Build in scalability and flexibility as standard, cut operational costs signficantly and create a call and data network that can grow and adapt with your business.

With Communications Plus, we provide the best SIP Trunking for your business so you can focus on growing and improving how you work.

Manage your entire call and inbound estate from one place and scale your comms to multiple locations in hours.

Want to find out more about how SIP Trunking can improve your business’ calls and communication?

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    Can I take my number with me if we move office?

    Yes. One of the benefits of SIP Trunking and moving your call management online, is that you can keep your number when you move office, or even out of the area. This is because your phone number will work over the internet and not via a fixed line running into a building.

    Can I integrate SIP with my existing communications network?

    Yes. SIP is easy to integrate with existing, popular business communication systems like Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Integrating these networks with your SIP allows you to improve both your internal and external communications and reduce your costs.

    How does SIP save my business money?

    Because your business’ calls will run over the internet it means you can integrate SIP over your existing internet connection. This means you don’t need to invest in any additional hardware and it also reduces the costs of your network because you don’t need to establish new fixed lines.

    What if I need to add more users?

    Easy, with SIP Trunking you can get an unlimited number of channels that you can add to your call network. This means you can add lines easily and take them away when you no longer need them.

    Is SIP Trunking resilient in emergencies?

    Yes. You can even use your SIP Trunking with existing ISDN connections. If something goes wrong or your organisation experiences an emergency, you can reroute your calls to another location using the same number until the problem is fixed.

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