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Move your phone system to the cloud

Traditional phone systems are hardware heavy, static and expensive – the opposite of what you need in a new business environment when employees can work from anywhere.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) takes your phone system and moves it to the cloud so you can make calls over the internet.

It’s cheaper, and easier to manage and provides the flexibility for employees to take calls from the same office number at their desks, on their mobiles or through their computer.

Access your office phone from anywhere and never worry about missing those important business calls.

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Ease of management

Create and manage your entire business’ phone and communication system over the internet for a more flexible, agile network
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Adapt your call management

Add features like call forwarding, automatic call routing and conference calling to every mobile device on your business’ phone network

Bring your costs down

Reduce your hardware costs by moving your call hosting to the cloud and reduce your call costs by making calls over the internet

Improve collaboration

Make it easier for employees to work together by putting all your voice, video, data and messaging under one system

Improve scalability

Easily add new features and users to your business’ phone system as you grow without the need for additional hardware investment, set-up and management

Easy integration

Integration your VoIP phone system with your existing mobile and desktop applications and CRM to unify your communications
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Create a hosted or on-premise business phone system

VoIP telephony allows you to take the hardware out of your business’ communication systems and host your entire voice, message, data and video communications over the cloud.

It saves on costs and management, is more agile and easier to manage, and can drive your call costs down.

But if you want to retain your own communication hardware on-site, then our on-premise VoIP phone system works just as well.

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Invest in VOIP telephony with Communications Plus

Create the opportunity for an agile, flexible remote working system that empowers your employees to connect with customers and each other from anywhere.

With VOIP you can remove the restrictions of traditional phone systems and enable employees to take their office communications with them wherever they go.

VOIP works across Windows, iOS and Android and can turn any device in your company into a complete communication hub synced to your office.

Help set your employees free into the new world of work with VOIP from Communications Plus.

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