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iPhone SE (2022) highlights

Check Out The Handset Specifications

4.7 inch retina HD display
5G connectivity
A15 Bionic processor
144g weight
Fast and wireless charging ready

Flagship processing speeds in a smaller bundle

While the iPhone SE (2022) is designed on the older iPhone 8 in appearance, behind the screen, it’s much closer to the iPhone 13.

The performance engine is the A15 Bionic processor, which is only outperformed by the A16 processor found in the iPhone 14 range. This allows you to open multiple browsers and jump seamlessly between tasks and apps without seeing a dip in performance.

Coupled with 5G connectivity (and 4G calling when roaming), you’ll have super fast download speeds and performance combined.

That’ll make day to day tasks and joining calls and video conferences from anywhere easy – without worrying that you’ll drop off mid-conversation.

Reliable security with iPhone SE (2022)

When you’re working on your business phone, the last thing you need is to worry about cyber attacks.

But Apple has you covered.

The fingerprint biometric scanner means only you can access your phone. At the same time, Apple’s proprietary encryption and virus protection – which works the second your phone is turned on – will keep your essential data and information secure.

iPhone SE (2022) - the ultimate budget business mobile

Whether navigating your essential business applications, downloading files, browsing emails or joining video calls, the iPhone SE 2022 makes mobile business easier.

This iPhone has all the features you’d expect from a flagship phone without the price.

And with its robust construction and water resistance up to 1 metre, there’s little chance you’ll be able to damage it during the daily grind.

You can always buy additional protection like a case or screen protector for added safety.

Ultimately, the iPhone SE (2022) is the perfect combination of performance and price for businesses that want reliable phones but don’t have the biggest budget.

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