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Roaming explained

Everything you need to know about traveling abroad and keeping your Business connected.

Roaming, in simple terms, is when you use your phone while traveling abroad for data, calls, or texts.

Your business doesn’t have to come to a complete halt just because you’re traveling. We have you covered whether you’re planning your next business trip to Europe or escaping on holiday to the other side of the world! But, before you travel abroad it is always good to have a look to see if you will be traveling within or out of our Europe Zone. This will help you to be prepared and take away the stress of unexpected charges.

Europe Zone

If you are traveling to Europe and fall under our Europe Zone which includes 48 countries, roaming will be included in your UK allowance. This means your minutes, texts and data will work like normal, you will also be able to make and receive calls and texts like you would from home. When you use data in any of the countries in our Europe Zone you have your full UK monthly allowance available to use, as long as you are on an eligible tariff. If you go over your normal UK monthly allowance you will be charged at our standard UK rate. Don’t worry if you run out of data whilst in our Europe Zone. You’ll be able to buy more at the same costs and options as when in the UK. If you buy more data than you are able to use while away, you will still be able to use it when you return to the UK. This works both ways. If you’re on an unlimited data tariff, you will be able to use up to 35GB of data. On some of our tariffs we have a £36 data overage cap for using data whilst in Europe, to protect you from a surprise bill when you return.

To find out more about our Europe Zone, contact our expert team below or read about Worry-free roaming on O2 Business here!

Airport Lounge

What’s included in our Europe Zone at no extra charge?

See whats included and whats not included below

Making calls and sending texts within our Europe Zone.

Receiving calls and texts in our Europe Zone.

Making calls and sending texts to the UK from our Europe Zone.

Receiving calls and texts from the UK while you ‘re in our Europe Zone.

The same data allowance as when you’re in the UK.

Calling your voicemail and receiving voicemails.

Travelling outside of Europe?

Get 500MB data, 300 minutes of calls and 300 texts in 97 destinations outside Europe for 24 Hours for only £7.50.

Planning a business trip or even a holiday outside of Europe? We have the best solutions to suit your needs and keep you connected hassle free.

Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass

Our Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass enables you roaming without the hassle in 97 destinations outside of Europe. If you are traveling briefly to one of these key destinations you will have all the calls, texts and data you need. If you are not travelling to one of our key destinations you will have an allowance of data only. Our ROM 24 Hour Pass gives you peace of mind and the security of not relying on Hotel or public Wi-Fi. Your allowance starts the moment you use your pass and continues for 24 hours. You can add extra allowance and we have capped versions available to help control your spending. You can request that your allowance is capped at one per 24 hours, two per 24 hours or you can have no cap at all. Alerts will keep you informed when you have used 80%, 95% and 100% of your data.

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Rest of the World 30 Day Pass

Keep in touch on regular trips outside Europe

Planning regular business trips or jetting off outside of Europe on a regular basis? We have you covered with our Rest of World 30 Day Pass. Our ROW 30 Day Pass enables you roaming hassle free in 97 destinations outside of Europe. You will have all the calls, texts and data you need for 30 Days.

What’s included?

5GB, 3,000 minutes of calls. 3,000 texts then pay standard rates above this.

30 days for multiple trips across multiple countries

Gives you an extra roaming allowance on top of your UK allowance

Can be capped at one pass per bill cycle

£99 for 30 days

Airport Lounge

Let your business roam, with EU roaming at no extra charge

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