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Leave the landline behind when all you need is the broadband

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other digital channels moving voice calls away from fixed landlines and towards internet based networks, it doesn’t make sense for many businesses to have a phone line installed along with their broadband.

But historically they haven’t had a choice because the broadband they needed came through the same phone line.

That’s now changed.

With Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) you can get a hybrid fibre broadband line, without the need to install a voice service.


Get the fastest broadband speeds without restrictions

Traditional broadband and phone lines have always added some restrictions to a business’ operations.

While the business broadband offered fast speeds and reliable downloads, the phone line added unnecessary costs and also tied a business’ phone number to their premises.

In today’s world of remote and mobile working, where more communication is done online or over digital channels, the fixed phone line is now an unneeded burden.

With SOGEA you can get the fastest broadband speeds and move your communications online, while maintaining a central office number.

business broadband – without the landline

Benefits of SOGEA for your business

Fast install

Quickly install your vital business broadband without the additional need to install your voice service

Easier maintenance

Resolve faults and problems quicker to get your broadband up and running with minimal disruption

More cost effective

Only invest in the business broadband and digital communications you need without the built-in costs of a phone line you don’t need

Fast broadband speeds

Continue to benefit from the fastest download speeds up to 80Mbps with more reliable and stable connections than PSTN and ADSL lines

Future proof your connectivity

Prepare your business for future technology advances and the withdrawal of PSTN lines by creating a completely digital communications and connectivity network

business broadband no landline

Get your SOGEA connection with Communications Plus

Get a great deal on your new SOGEA connection and get faster broadband speeds without the restrictions and disruptions of installing a fixed phone line.

At Communications Plus we’ve got a range of deals available on fast broadband speeds that can help you improve your business operations and move towards a digital first comms model.

Benefit from faster, more reliable internet connections that can handle all your business’ digital comms, cloud applications and business operations while removing the costs, maintenance and installation headaches.

Want to know more about how SOGEA can help improve your business’ broadband and communication?

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    What is SOGEA?

    Single Order Generic Ethernet Access is a means of providing broadband services to customers without the need for a phone line. It means the line is used solely for the purpose of accessing the internet.

    Can our business still receive calls if we use SOGEA?

    Not via a traditional phone line. However, you can still have a business line on your premises by using an internet based voice service like Voice over Internet Protocol.

    How does SOGEA future proof my business?

    ISDN and PTSN networks (which run traditional phone lines into a business) are set to be switched off by 2025 and you’ll no longer be able to buy ISDN and PSTN services from 2023. This means by moving to SOGEA now you’ll already be prepared for when these older phone lines stop working.

    Can we keep our existing number by switching to SOGEA?

    Yes. By moving over to a SOGEA internet service you’ll be able to keep your business’ existing number. Plus, by moving your business’ communication to an internet based system it makes it more adaptable.

    What’s the difference between SOGEA and FTTC?

    From an infrastructure standpoint, there is no difference and both services run through copper cables from a street box to the premises. The only difference is SOGEA only carries data, while FTTC carries both data and voice.

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