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Calling abroad from the UK

Do you have business contacts abroad?

You can get UK to EU minutes and texts included on selected tariffs.

UK to EU minutes & texts

Small Biz Tariffs of 20GB benefit from 500 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.

Small Biz Tariffs of 70GB and above benefit from 2000 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.

Small Biz SIMO of 20GB-50GB benefit from 500 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.

Small Biz SIMO Unlimited benefit from 2000 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.

Minutes Valid for calls from UK to:

Zone 1 : Ireland

Zone 2: Western Europe EU and non-EU

Business International Call Saver Pass

All Unlimited Small Biz tariffs and Small Biz SIMO tariffs include Business International Call Saver Pass. Business International Call Saver Pass allows you to make calls from the UK to all destinations in all countries Worldwide at a charge of 5p per minute from the UK to countries in our Europe Zone (Zone 1 and 2) as well to North America (Zone 4 – USA and Canada). All other countries are charged at 10p per minute to call from the UK (Zones 3,5,6).


Which solution is best for you?

Whichever Bolt On you choose will automatically renew every month. Our Bolt On can easily be changed as your business needs change. You can simply remove or add new ones whenever you need. Please keep in mind that you won’t get an alert once you’ve used up your allowance, and you’ll then be charged the standard rates.

If you’re on a Small Biz or Sim Only tariff, you can buy the 180 UK to EU minutes Bolt On for £5, twice in any billing month. The Bolt On gives you an extra 180 minutes to call Zones 1 and 2. It’s a recurring monthly Bolt On, but you can only add or remove it once per billing cycle.

If you don’t have an International Bolt On, or you’ve exceeded the caps on your inclusive tariff, you’ll pay fixed rates for calling and texting contacts abroad.

How do I get the above solutions?

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