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What are Leased Lines? Ask our Experts

Ultrafast, Full Fibre connectivity from Communications Plus

We work with telecoms and technology partners to deliver Ultrafast, Full Fibre connectivity to businesses of all sizes across the UK.

Our Dedicated Leased Line – 

is the ultimate in connectivity for a larger business. A full-fibre leased line is entirely dedicated to your business and provides a resilient and ultrafast connectivity solution. Choose from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps. This premium solution is fully flexible to meet the needs of your business and guarantees your connectivity performs at its best.

Our Standard FTTP Fibre

is a super-scalable reliable connectivity solution for a small or growing business. Choose from synchronous 100Mbps up to 1Gbps. A cost-effective, business-grade, ultrafast broadband.

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    Dedicated internet for your business

    In business, a dependable internet connection is essential, without the competition from other users.

    Fighting for bandwidth can cause delays and latency in your connection.

    By choosing a dedicated Leased Line internet connection, your business can effectively mitigate bandwidth concerns, ensuring consistent, reliable sequential speeds across your own private network.

    Flexibility and reliability built in

    With flexible speeds up to 10Gbps you can ensure your business always has a reliable internet connection whenever you need it.

    A Leased Line gives your business exclusive access to its own internet connection so you won’t be competing with other users for bandwidth.

    Whether you’re running VoIP phone networks, making video calls or sending high data files, your Leased Line ensures everything happens when it needs to, so your business runs smoothly.

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    What are the benefits of a Leased Line?

    We have Leased Lines for businesses of all sizes

    Dedicated Connection

    Don’t compete with users on a shared connection. A Leased Line gives your business its own dedicated internet connection so you get guaranteed speeds and bandwidth all of the time.

    Built in Security

    Get Cybersecurity built into your business’ internet connection to ensure a safe and secure connection at all times.

    Reliability As Standard

    Get an internet connection whenever you need it, and one that can handle whatever your business throws at it.


    Get an internet package that fits your business’ needs that can be expanded and adapted as your business grows.


    Get 24/7 support whenever you need it to ensure your business’ private internet connection is always on and working for you

    Increase Network Capacity

    If you’re running Cloud Applications for remote workers, using VoIP systems to connect people wherever they are or sending large data files, Leased Lines allow you to operate at full capacity with no latency
    Find Your Solution

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    Upgrade to a Leased Line today with Communications Plus

    Free your business from the restraints of slow internet with a Leased Line internet connection from Communications Plus.

    With a Leased Line you’ll never need to worry about latency and download delays on your network and can run a remote business with ease.

    Work on the cloud, transfer data files and run video conferences on a single, private connection with guaranteed speed and bandwidth that keeps your business running.

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