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Create a dedicated business broadband connection

With connectivity more important than ever for your business to run effectively, can you still rely on that broadband connection that’s built for the home, not for business?

A business broadband package from Communications Plus provides your business with a new level of connectivity that gives you faster speeds, better security for your sensitive data and a more comprehensive package of online services.

Don’t let slow speeds or unreliable connections derail your future.

Get dedicated business broadband.

What sort of business are you?

We have solutions to fit all sizes


With faster speeds that are built for business you can focus on creating a more productive, connected workforce

Multiple devices

Easily connect multiple devices to your business’ dedicated broadband network without experiencing drops in performance

Stronger WiFi connection

Stop competing with millions of homes for bandwidth on domestic broadband networks and get stronger connections on a fibre cable that’s dedicated to enterprise use

Better performance

With business broadband you don’t just get faster download speeds. With faster upload speeds too you’ll never need to worry about lag and reduced performance

Static IP

Create a more secure IP ideal for businesses looking to maintain some hosting responsibilities

More secure

Take advantage of existing network providers like Skype Connect to bring your employees and customers closer together
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Keep your employees connected, everywhere

Fast and reliable broadband connections are central to modern business functions.

Enabling employees to work effectively from anywhere. Hosting video conferences across borders and time zones. Running collaboration applications over the cloud.

They’re all essential and they all rely on one thing. Reliable, fast, secure business broadband.

Business broadband from Communications Plus will keep your business and employees connected at all times, anywhere.

Looking for Business Broadband

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Get your business broadband with Communications Plus

Find a business broadband package that fits your business.

Bundle your broadband with your phone services and set up better communications like VOIP.

If you need to improve the connection to your home office, business broadband can help separate your business’ internet from the home line so you’re not competing for bandwidth with the rest of your mobile devices.

Get in touch to find out how business broadband can benefit your company.

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