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Build a unified comms system with Horizon Collaborate

Your business phone system needs to do more than provide a single phone number to a fixed location. In a world where business is done anywhere, you need a communication network that can keep up.

Horizon Collaborate provides a fully unified communication network that connects multiple comms channels across multiple locations to make employees more productive, and makes collaboration easier.

Not only does Horizon Collaborate make it easier for your teams to connect across borders, it makes it easier for your customers to connect with you, improving your speed and level of service and making it easier to better service your loyal customers.

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Horizon Collaborate

Why use Horizon Collaborate?

Improve productivity

Make it easier to send and share data as well as communicate across multiple offices to improve employee and operational productivity

Reduce operational costs

Remove the need for multiple communication channels by creating a single, unified communications network to bring down your IT and maintenance costs

Improve employee and customer experiences

Open up your business to a bigger range of communication channels under one application, removing the need for additional hardware

Future proof your business comms network

By moving your communication network to a single digital-based system you can future proof your company’s technology and easily adapt to changing circumstances

Horizon Collaborate business

Put your entire communications’ network under roof

Don’t waste time jumping between communication systems.

Invest in a cloud-based unified communication system that puts all your external and internal voice calls, video calls, text, instant messages and video conferencing in one application.

Improve collaboration with a comms system that makes it easier to share documents between users and share screens across desktop and mobile.

Without the excess hardware investments of traditional phone lines and communication systems, you can create and deploy an efficient and cost-effective telephone network that’s flexible in price and scalable to grow as your business does.

Make your business more effective with Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate comms plus

Build your business comms network to your own specifications

With Horizon Collaborate you can build a fast, flexible, cloud-based phone system that adapts to your business and fits around how you want to work.

Use the Desktop Client to connect your office phone line to your desktop or PC to take calls over the internet whether you’re sat at your desk or work on the go.

With the Horizon mobile client you can easily manage your business’ phone account from anywhere.

Reduce your hosting costs and IT requirements by switching to Horizon Collaborate.

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    Does Horizon Collaborate work for home working?

    Yes. Horizon Collaborate has a number of features that make it easier for you to promote flexible and home working in your business. For example, you can add your office phone number to any phone so you can continue answering office calls from anywhere.

    Does Horizon Collaborate integrate with my existing systems?

    Yes, Horizon Collaborate can easily integrate with your business comms systems and is easily compatible with popular applications like Skype for Business or other cloud based applications like Microsoft Office.

    What is Horizon Collaborate?

    Horizon Collaborate is a cloud-based, integrated unified communications network that allows you to put all your voice, video, instant messaging and video conferencing into one system.

    Can you integrate Horizon Collaborate with my mobile operating system?

    Yes. As well as integrating with your desktop applications and working seamlessly on laptop and desktop, Horizon Collaborate’s features are also available on both iOS and Android devices allowing teams to access all their call and application information from anywhere, on any device.

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