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What to look for in a business sim only deal

If you want a business mobile phone to separate your personal calls and company calls, but want to stick with the phone you already have, then a business sim only deal can be a good option.

There’s a lot of benefits to choosing a sim only deal for your new business phone.

The cost and contract flexibility are just a couple.

For more benefits, you can read our benefits of a business sim only deal blog here.

But like any business phone contract, you need to pick the right contract to fit your needs.

If you get a sim deal with the wrong benefits, it could end up costing you a lot more than you thought.

Here’s the main things to think about when choosing the right business sim only deal.

The monthly costs

Sim only deals tend to be cheaper than regular phone deals because you’re not taking on the additional costs of the phone.

But some sim only deals can end up being quite expensive, so you need to be sure about your budget and what you can afford.

How many minutes and texts do you get?

If you spend a lot of time on your phone, you’ll likely need a sim only deal that provides a lot of minutes and texts so you don’t end up spending extra.

Many deals can offer you unlimited calls and texts if you think that’s the safest option.

Think about the time you spend calling people during the day and choose a deal that’ll match your needs.

How much data do you get?

Data plans for a business phone can get expensive quickly if you’re not careful.

This is because many of the enterprise applications you use on a business mobile phone can use up a lot of data to function properly – especially if you’re transferring files or accessing apps remotely without a reliable wifi connection.

It can be hard to work out the data levels you need, but you can review the data usage on your current device as a guide.

If you’re regularly going over your data allowance, then you’ll be better off choosing a high data plan.

You can get unlimited data plans, but speak to an expert about the costs and what you’ll need for your business.

Can you get bulk deals?

If you’re buying a business sim only deal just for you, then you might find it hard to negotiate on price.

But if you’re buying multiple sim deals for your business, you might be able to get a discount on bulk orders.

These could either be reduced upfront costs, or reduced contract costs over a longer term.

What level of support do you get?

If your business phone stops working, you need support to get it up and running again quickly.

Every minute your business phone isn’t working is time you can’t get in touch with clients, manage your day, contact your employees or potentially even work.

You need to know you have a good level of support behind you that can help you get your phone working again quickly, or replaced if needed.

Also, make sure you check if there’s any additional costs for replacing a broken phone or if it’s included in your deal.

Costs to use the phone abroad

Roaming charges can easily catch you out if you’re not careful.

Many people don’t understand how roaming charges work, or how much they are and so end up paying a lot in charges without knowing it.

Some roaming charges are being introduced for the EU since Brexit, so make sure you understand what you’ll pay.

Also, when do roaming charges start?

Some phones will automatically attach to the local network and you’ll start using data immediately.

What’s the length of your contract?

Sim only deals typically have shorter and more flexible contracts than regular phone contracts.

But you’ll still need to check how long the contract runs.

Also, is there any flexibility to change the contract before the end date?

For example, if you choose a plan with lots of data but then don’t need it all, can you downgrade your sim deal?

Can you carry data over?

If you’re not using all your business sim only deal’s data, will it run over into the next month, or do you just lose it?

You should also find out (if you have multiple sim only deals) if you can split your data between all the phones.

That way if an employee uses up all their data quickly in one month, they can get data from a colleague’s plan – rather than you paying extra charges.

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