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How to choose the right O2 business Sim Only deal

Decided on an O2 sim only deal for your business? Here’s how to pick the best one.

An O2 business sim only deal can be the ideal solution for your business if you already have smartphones for employees, and are just looking for a better call or data plan.

It can be cost effective, because you don’t have the price of the handset built into the monthly payments.

And it can be more flexible (sim only deals typically don’t have the same contract length as a phone plan).

A sim only deal can also be beneficial if you want to contribute towards your employees’ phones if you expect them to use their devices for professional purposes, without the costs of paying for new phones.

There are lots of business sim only deals available.

As a business, you want a deal that comes with a good price. And gives your employees what they need to do their jobs.

Whether it’s enough minutes to call clients or giving them enough data to use their applications from anywhere without relying on a WiFi connection.

Some deals might sound good from a price perspective.

But when you dig into the details you’ll find that they don’t give you what you want.

So how do you choose the right O2 sim only deal for your business?

And what things should you consider?

What’s your budget?

The cost of a deal is the critical factor when it comes to anything to do with equipment for your business.

A sim only deal can provide you with some good cost savings, if you choose the right one.

Getting it wrong could end up costing you just as much as if you’d bought a phone.

One thing you should definitely consider is the costs associated with exceeding data or minutes.

Or, any costs associated with international travel.

You might choose a cheaper deal with fewer benefits to try and save a few pounds, but this could quickly rise if your employees are reliant on their phones.

What kind of deal do you need?

How much time do your employees spend on their phones?

Will they be spending more time on their phones now they are working from home?

Do they need access to apps on their phones?

Or the ability to join video calls via a phone?

These are a couple of things to consider for your sim only deal.

Also, are you looking for a deal with higher data limits, or do your employees need more minutes?

If you’re expecting them to work flexibly, then they’ll need more data to access online resources or get access to your company systems.

If they’re working more from home and have a reliable wifi connection, maybe a plan with more minutes is the best answer.

How adaptable are the Sim Only plans?

How adaptable is your sim only deal to changing circumstances.

If you buy a sim only deal with 10GB of data, and then find that your employees actually need more, are you able to change deals quickly?

You should also be sure to understand additional costs for exceeding data usage, or using mobile phones abroad if this is something your employees are likely to do.

The last thing you need is to get an unexpected bill at the end of the month for costs you hadn’t factored in to your budget.

Look for reviews

User reviews are one of the most effective means of judging the provider of your sim only deal, and the deal itself.

What did other people think of the service?

Did they experience any problems or did it meet their needs?

Any good business mobile phone provider should have case studies or reviews on their website.

If they don’t, ask for testimonials or ask them to provide examples of customers they’ve helped in the past.

How reliable is the network with your sim only deal?

O2 business sim only deals provide a reliable, countrywide network that ensures your employees can use their phones whenever they need to.

But not all networks are built equally, and the last thing you need is to sign up to a deal and then find some of your employees can’t get a signal where they live or work when not in the office.

You can use O2’s coverage checker on their website to see how reliable their network coverage is, and what kind of connections you can get – 4G, 5G etc.

Is a sim only deal the right decision for your business?

Not every business needs their employees to have access to the latest smartphone to do their jobs effectively.

And not all employees want to have the latest handsets.

The thing with mobile phones, is that once you’ve got used to how one particular handset works, it can be difficult to move onto a different one.

A sim only deal is a perfect way to fix that problem.

As long as you do your research, understand your requirements from a sim only deal and are working within your budget, then you can ensure your employees have access to everything they need to work remotely, without spending money on new phones.

Wondering whether a sim only deal is right for your business or whether you could save some money with an O2 business sim only deal?

Use our cost savings calculator or get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

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