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Biggest benefits of business mobile sim only deals

If you want a dedicated number for your business, but don’t want to buy a new phone, then a sim only mobile phone contract can be a good option for you.

A business mobile sim only deal helps you keep your own phone, while creating a separate number for your business so you can maintain a barrier between your business and personal life.

If you’ve never considered a sim only deal for your business phone, here’s why you should.

What is a sim only deal?

First of all, let’s just make sure we all know what a sim only deal is.

A sim only business mobile phone contract is exactly what it sounds like, you take out a contract the same as you would any other phone deal except you only pay for the sim card and the phone and data plan.

You don’t get the phone.

If you’re not sure about the costs of getting a business mobile phone, especially if you’re just starting off, then choosing a sim only deal might give you what you need.

Here’s the main benefits of choosing a business phone sim only deal.

Business sim only deals help you save money

A typical mobile phone contract includes two ongoing costs:

  • The ‘rental’ cost of the phone
  • The ongoing costs of the monthly bill

As part of the contract, you’re paying down the cost of the phone – which is why you own it after the initial contract period.

With a sim only deal, you’re not paying for the phone, which make these sim deals cheaper because you’re only paying for the call, text and data allowance.

Greater flexibility

Business phone contracts usually run between 12 and 24 months (most run closer to 24 months).

This can tie you into a particular phone for a long time.

Considering that popular brands like Apple and Samsung release at least one new model a year, it could mean you have an outdated phone in the final months of your contract.

With a sim only deal, you usually only have to commit to a shorter contract length, and some run on a month by month basis.

This gives you much more flexibility to upgrade your phone when you want, as long as you’re happy with the expense of buying the phone outright.

Keep your own mobile phone

One reason people are hesitant about the idea of getting a dedicated business phone, is they don’t like the idea of having two phones.

Having a sim only deal lets you keep your own phone, but get a dedicated phone number for your business.

This at least helps you create a barrier between your business calls and personal calls.

Some new business phones allow you to have multiple sims in the phone (known as dual sim) so you can run both your personal calls and business communications from one device.

Make it easier to upgrade your business phone

As we’ve mentioned, taking on a business mobile phone contract usually means you’re tied to the phone you choose for the duration of the contract.

This can limit you when it comes to upgrading your phone as new models are released.

While some phone contracts include early upgrade clauses, business mobile sim only deals guarantee you can upgrade your phone whenever you want as long as you’re able to afford the phone costs.

Get more choice of phone with a sim only deal

If you’re business phone is locked to a particular network, then you’ll be limited to sim only deals on that network.

But sim only deals are highly flexible and you have a lot of choice about whether you want a deal that focuses more on minutes and texts, or mobile data.

However, you always have the option to get your business phone unlocked.

That way you get the greatest choice of sim deals across all networks so you can get exactly the deal you need at the best price.

Plus, because you’re not committing to a phone as part of the contract, you have more choice about which phone to get and when to upgrade.

Get a business mobile sim only deal with Communications Plus

Signing up to a sim only business phone contract can offer you more freedom, flexibility and control over business communications – without committing you to a long term contract.

If you’re thinking about getting a business mobile phone for the first time, or are looking for a better phone deal for your business, then check out our latest business sim only deals by clicking here.

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