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Business broadband: Is it really worth it?

Business broadband provides a dedicated internet connection to your business capable of delivering faster speeds, better connections and improved security.

If you’re a business that relies heavily on employees having a reliable connection to business data and applications, then a dedicated business broadband connection can provide the additional infrastructure that you can’t rely on purely with a residential broadband service.

There are a number of things to consider when looking at whether to make an investment in business broadband.

Factors include:

  • The number of employees who will be connecting to your broadband
  • The number of devices that will be connecting to your broadband
  • How reliant you are on your business’ broadband and how you’re set up to deal with latency
  • Whether you’ll be expanding your network to other users (like visitors or other workers in a shared office space)

In this guide we’ll look at the main reasons you could benefit from investing in a dedicated broadband connection for your company:

1 – Business broadband is more secure

Cyber attacks against businesses are a real and present threat and those aimed at businesses tend to be more sophisticated than those committed against individuals.

And this is a problem if you’re relying on residential quality broadband for your business.

Business broadband comes with higher levels of security and encryption and is capable of handling higher threat levels and types of attack.

Adding business level software on top of your broadband can further increase the strength of your security and ensure your business data and applications remain secure.

2 – Faster speeds

Residential broadband is built to withstand the pressure of household devices and mobile smart technology, whether it’s smart TVs, laptops or smartphones.

However, these connections aren’t capable of handling the same levels of downloads that occur within a business when you have dozens, potentially even hundreds, of employees trying to access data and applications that require high bandwidth, like video calls and large file transfers.

Business broadband speeds can reach upto 75Mbps speeds, which are more than capable of handling high bandwidth tasks – some providers can reach as high as 1Gbps speeds.

3 – More connection capacity

While residential broadband may have to deal with more than one person operating more than one device per connection, it’s nowhere near the level you’d need from a business connection.

Rather than handling 10-12 devices like smart TVs, phones and computers, your business broadband is likely handling hundreds of these connections (plus more if you offer visitors access to the WiFi).

Business broadband routers provide a much stronger, more reliable level of broadband coverage that can handle a much higher volume of connections without lag or reductions in service.

This is essential in business when you need data to be available instantly.

4 – Get a static IP address

With a residential broadband connection your IP address changes every time your computer connects to the internet – known as a dynamic IP address. While this can be good for individuals, it can create restrictions when it comes to business.

A static IP address on the other hand can be better for business.

Because the address doesn’t change, it can make it easier to access programs remotely (which is ideal for today’s business environment) and it can also make it much simpler to connect other business and communications infrastructure like Voice over Internet Protocol.

5 – Get a prioritised broadband connection

With so much data passing over a broadband network you can often find yourself competing with other users to access the best speeds.

For example you could be competing with other users connected to the main fibre box on the street around your office.

If you’re a business it means you could end up fighting for connections with people downloading games or other high bandwidth tasks.

However, if you invest in business broadband, it means you’ll get prioritised access to the connection so your business’ connection remains strong and reliable at all times.

6 – Dedicated business broadband support

When you’re reliant on your broadband for your business’ operations, you need it to be up and running at all times, and when things go wrong, you need it back up quickly.

Relying on residential broadband can be a problem because these are handling millions of customers at once and there’s no prioritising issues – it’s typically first come first serve.

With business broadband you get a dedicated support network that can get your broadband operational again and optimised in the event of higher latency or reductions in speed.

7 – Better upload and download speeds

Download speeds are more important for residential broadband because typically people are concentrating on downloading to their own devices – whether it’s TV shows or music.

In business however, upload speeds are just as important but these aren’t a focus in residential connections.

Upload speeds are important because they determine how quickly you can upload and send large data files without interrupting your services.

Business broadband provides the faster upload speeds you need to handle data and file transfers.

Improving your business with a dedicated business broadband line

Modern business is highly reliant on dedicated business broadband to handle the high amounts of data and cloud based applications that are used by teams and companies today.

With business broadband in your company you never need to worry about unreliable connections slowing you down.

Get the fast, secure connections your business needs to thrive in the modern business world.

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