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Business broadband vs domestic broadband: What’s the difference?

Having the right broadband connection for your business is essential when you’re so reliant on speedy connections so employees can access all their critical applications, data and communications.

But when you’re choosing the right broadband, do you need a dedicated business broadband connection or could you get by with a ‘domestic’ broadband connection?

When it comes to broadband for your company, it’s always best to opt for a dedicated business broadband deal because these are the connections built and managed specifically for business performance.

From speeds, to security to support, business broadband performs better than domestic broadband in a business setting.

Here are the main reasons you should consider business broadband vs domestic broadband for the company.

1 – Faster speeds

Because business broadband deals are built for businesses and the additional demand put on them, they come with faster download speeds that can handle the capacity of multiple connections through a business.

Business broadband speeds can reach as high as 1Gbps with a fibre optic connection.

More important though, business broadband comes with much faster upload speeds.

This is important for business because it allows you to upload and transfer large data files quickly.

2 – More powerful router

With a home router you’re only dealing with a couple of smart devices like a TV, smartphone or laptop.

When you’re in a business setting you could have dozens of laptops, plus smartphones plus tablets, plus any guest devices connecting your WiFi.

With this many devices overloading your domestic router you risk latency when it comes to sending or receiving documents.

Plus, if you’re carrying out data heavy tasks like video calls and conferences you could experience serious disruption.

3 – Security

Domestic broadband comes with security that can protect your personal data, but the risks to businesses are much higher and the attacks faced by businesses are far more sophisticated.

Business broadband has higher levels of cybersecurity and encryption built in to keep your essential business information and data secure.

Considering the risks and fines that come with regulations like GDPR, this is definitely something to consider.

4 – Support and maintenance

If you’ve ever had your WiFi go down at home you’ll know that while support is available, it’s not always fast and not always reliable.

When getting your broadband back up and running is essential to your business operations, you need more reliable support.

With business broadband you’ll get that support that means you can re-establish your connection quickly and get your business up and running again.

Depending on the level of business broadband you get, you could get support that will have you up and running within a couple of hours.

5 – Cost

One consideration for your business broadband, is that it’s typically more expensive than domestic broadband due to the added benefits you get.

But it’s those added benefits that you need to consider when making the investment.

Investing in business broadband might be a higher initial investment, but the operational benefits and the gains in productivity will be much higher than investing in domestic broadband.

Investing in business broadband makes better business sense

When it comes to your business operations, your broadband forms the backbone of everything you do from communications, to data, to operational systems.

With so much at stake it’s essential you get the right support and best possible connection to ensure your business can continue to run smoothly no matter what happens.

Investing in business broadband provides you with the secure, reliable connections you need to run your business.

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