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Why you should use Android for your business phone

Android remains the most popular operating system for mobile users.

Compared to Apple and iOS, Android does carry many benefits if you’re looking for more variety in the devices you can use as well as the applications available.

Choosing between Android and iOS mostly comes down to personal preference.

We know that users of Android are highly loyal to the operating system, just as Apple users tend to stick with iOS.

If you’re in the Android camp already, or are one of those users looking for a change, here’s just a few reasons you should choose Android for your business phone.

More device variation

Probably the biggest difference between Android and iOS is that the Android iOS isn’t limited to a particular mobile manufacturer.

When you use Android you can choose any business mobile phone brand you want (except Apple obviously) and you can simply move your data and information between devices if and when you fancy a change.

If a mobile manufacturer releases a new device that you prefer, you can easily switch.

It also means you can choose more rugged hardware for your business’ mobile device.

Charging ports – Type C USB charging port

Like most things with Apple, their lightening charge ports on iPhones are exclusive to their devices and can’t be used with other devices.

Many Android compatible phones on the other hand use USB-C ports, which are more universal and compatible with other devices like your laptop.

This could save some money buying charging cables for more devices if you choose Apple.

With Android, it’s less of a problem.

Android phones integrate better with your desktops

Again, because Apple builds all its devices and operating systems to be compatible with other Apple devices, it can be harder to integrate an iPhone with your other devices.

Android on the other hand doesn’t have this problem and files, documents and data can be seamlessly integrated and transferred between your Android device and other devices.

Stylus pens

We’ve all gotten used to signing e-documents on our phones or reviewing documents on our mobiles.

But some of us struggle to do this on mobile devices, especially when we’re buying phones with a smaller screen.

Most Android devices are compatible with stylus pens, which make it a lot easier to quickly sign or add notes to documents when you’re working on a document through your phone.

Biometric security

We’re all keeping more sensitive information on mobile devices, especially when we’re using those devices for work.

With all that confidential data on our phones – and hefty fines handed out if it gets out – you want to know your information is secure.

Android itself is now much more secure, while still retaining it’s variety of applications.

But it also means you have more options for your phones and the type of security you want to use.

Most Android devices now come with a range of biometric security features, whether it’s facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

You can change your browser

Like most things with Android devices, your browser options are flexible and can be changed based on your personal preference.

For example, if you prefer to use Google Chrome as your default browser, you can easily set this in your settings.

This can be useful if you use Chrome on your other devices and have plugins specific for the browser.

Battery life

While Apple has certainly improved when it comes to battery life, Android devices typically do much better in this category.

The best Android devices come with a battery that can easily last 12 hours, even with consistent use throughout the day.

That, along with fast charging, and wireless charging in the newest models, means you never have to worry about your Android mobile phone letting you down during the day.

More applications

Apple is historically a closed network when it comes to applications.

Android on the other hand, because it’s open source, is home to a wider array of applications on Google Play.

In the past, this had meant many apps on Android devices were more open to abuse and caused a higher security risk.

This is much less the case now and the enterprise apps available on Google Play are secure and effective for your business phones.

Plus by combining these apps with third party security software, you never need to worry.

Removable storage

Removable storage cards are less common on both Android and Apple phones today with the emergence of cloud storage.

But you can still find Android devices with removable SD cards that allow you to increase the storage capacity of your phone.

Finding the right Android device for your business

If you’re looking for a new Android device, we’ve got a wide selection available at Communications Plus.

We’ve got Android business phones available with a range of minutes, messages and data available that will match what you need for your business.

Simply browse our range of business phones or get in touch for more information.

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