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The OPPO Find X3 Pro: What to expect

The OPPO Find X3 Pro is OPPO’s latest release in 2021. Bringing brand-new features and bespoke tech to a flashy-looking device: you need to pay attention as OPPO is the brand to rival with the likes of Samsung and Apple.  

Launching alongside two other versions the OPPO Find X3 Pro proves to be another great option alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but before you get a headache about how you’re going to choose… we’ve made it easy by breaking it down for you.

The OPPO X3 Pro blends tasteful design with futuristic instincts. The OLED screen on last year’s Find X2 Pro was very easy on the eyes, but OPPO’s latest effort is somehow even better.

Size & Screen

At 6.7in it’s physically no larger than the previous model. The resolution has been bumped slightly to a retina-soothing 3216×1440 and peak brightness is now a bright 1300 nits when watching HDR10+ content. Also, its variable refresh rate abilities have massively improved thanks to the switch to LTPO panel tech.

While the Find X2 Pro could swap between 60Hz and 120Hz on the fly, the X3 Pro can drop all the way down to 5Hz, stretching out battery life if you’re mostly looking at static images. The rest of the time, 120Hz delivers buttery-smooth swiping and scrolling experience.

This is among the best screens you’ll see on a smartphone. The twin speakers are a good match for the screen, with ample volume and decent clarity. Even though the earpiece points forward and the bottom speaker fires down, stereo balance is pretty good.


Instead of following the crowd when it comes to cameras, the Find X3 Pro does things a little differently. Extreme zoom is out, and unbeatable close-ups are in, with one of its four lenses dedicated to microphotography – subjects so small they can’t be seen with the human eye.

The proper geeky stuff is end-to-end 10bit colour. The Find X3 Pro’s cameras, software and screen can capture, process and display a whopping one billion colours. Other phones? They make do with 16 million. Impressive stuff – until you realise the human eye can only recognise about 10 million colours.

Pixel count isn’t critical here, but light is, seeing as you need to press the phone right up against whatever you’re snapping to get things in focus. A built-in LED ring flash gets the job done nicely. You still need a steady hand, and it doesn’t half make you paranoid about scratching the glass when shooting rougher surfaces, but the results are almost otherworldly at times.


On paper, a 4500mAh battery might look a touch anaemic compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, but there’s easily enough juice here to get you through a full day away from the mains. Two if you dial down the screen resolution and make use of the handy battery management tools.

The Find X3 Pro makes up for it with some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rapid charging abilities. The 60W adaptor (included in the box) can manage 0-100% in less than 40 minutes, which transforms how you use your phone. There is no need to tether to a power socket overnight: just plug in while wolfing down your morning bowl of cereal and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the day.


Performance. Display. Camera image quality. Battery life. In almost every respect, the X3 Pro is a killer flagship phone.

Software has taken a major leap forward from OPPO’s previous efforts, and the hardware is easily on par with the best from Apple and Samsung – while managing to undercut them both on price. Yes, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a bigger battery, but the OPPO is significantly faster to charge – and you get more on-board storage here, too.

It does make one or two backwards steps though. Losing the innovative periscope zoom lens seen in the Find X2 Pro is a real shame, and while the micro lens camera is fun to use, it’s probably not something you’ll whip out on a regular basis.

Would a Samsung Galaxy S21 deliver a similar experience for significantly less cash? Possibly – though neither are as well-rounded as this. If you want the best, you pay the premium, and the Find X3 Pro is very much one of the best.

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