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How 5G connectivity improves collaboration

Collaboration and connectivity have almost become a cliche in the world of business during the last few years.

But that doesn’t diminish how important they have become to the modern workforce.

For teams who are working remotely, being able to work collaboratively and stay connected are heavily reliant on fast broadband or quick data speeds.

4G has, up to now, been a somewhat reliable option but for anyone who has ever tried to run a Zoom call on a 4G device, you’ll know it can be prone to delays and lag that can ruin the experience.

This is where 5G comes into its own and why it will be such an important tool for collaboration and connectivity in the future – even if only used as a backup for business broadband.

In this guide, we’ll look at the way 5G can help boost collaboration in any business whether it’s between teams, or your business and its customers.

5G offers more reliable connections

Whether you need employees to be able to connect with each other remotely, or if you now use video conferencing for the most part to communicate with clients and customers in other parts of the country, you need to have reliable connections in order for the applications to work properly.

5G offers a powerful alternative and backup to business broadband that guarantees fast connections that can handle high levels of data transfer, and handle the requirements of cloud based communications like video conferencing.

This means that employees won’t have to rely on public wifi connections (which aren’t secure) when working remotely and can instead use a highly reliable and powerful 5G connection.

Be more collaborative in meetings

Video conferencing has become much more popular in business, not just for internal meetings, but also for client meetings.

Video conferencing can help improve productivity in business because it removes the need for lengthy travel between offices.

But video conferencing isn’t just about getting a few people to sit on a call and talk to each other.

Meetings are much more immersive than that, with features like screen sharing, file editing and recording all needed to make meetings more effective.

With these features you can easily present files and documents and even edit them in real-time during meetings. But to do all this effectively you need a reliable connection.

5G provides the reliable connection you need to be able to carry out all these data heavy tasks without worrying about lag or your video call cutting off at an important time.

Using 5G to power the future of IoT devices and offices

The Internet of Things is nothing new and the idea of ‘connected’ devices that can share data and improve performance has been around for a long time.

But one of the issues with IoT has been having the data network in the background capable of powering these devices and connections.

5G is the perfect solution due its higher level of data management capabilities.

5G can easily connect IoT devices not just internally in your office, but also allow employees to connect their phones or other mobile devices to these same systems.

This could be solutions like remote office booking systems, performance analysis on individual devices to test productivity or even something as simple as remotely locking an office using a mobile device.

5G is a powerful tool in the world of IoT that opens up a lot of potential for how businesses run and operate remotely.

Using 5G to power cloud systems

Many businesses already run and operate at least part of their operations over the cloud, which allows employees and customers to communicate and collaborate easily from anywhere.

But when you’re working from mobile devices and “on the go” you can’t rely on an internet connection and using a public wifi network is a big risk when it comes to cyber attacks.

With 5G, employees can connect to cloud networks and platforms with ease, from anywhere and from any device.

Being able to connect to their information, data and files as easily working remotely as they can from the office can help make staff more productive and increase the profitability of your business.

Empowering your business’ future with 5G connectivity

We all know businesses are becoming more reliant on data and being able to access files, tools and platforms from anywhere.

The 5G revolution has already begun and businesses that can take advantage of it quickly will be able to see the best results quicker.

If you want to know more about our 5G solutions and how we can help improve the productivity and profitability of your business – get in touch.

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