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How secure is business broadband?

Nearly four in 10 UK businesses suffered a security breach or faced a cyber attack in the last 12 months.

Security threats facing businesses are a constant issue regardless of your business’ size, or what industry you’re in.

The consequences of becoming a victim of a cyber attack are stark, not just in the immediate loss of data or money, but the long-term reputational loss and reduced confidence customers could have in you if you can’t secure yours (or their) data.

When it comes to cyber security, business broadband provides a great platform from which to build a strong defence against attacks.

In this guide we’ll look at a few of the main threats you’ll face as a business, and then how investing in a dedicated business broadband connection can help protect you from them.

What cyber threats are businesses facing?

Cyber attacks come in many forms but businesses often face a number of similar types of attacks that will target one of two things:

  • Online infrastructure
  • People

Some of the most common cyber attacks businesses face include:

  • Password attacks: Where hackers will attempt to steal passwords or hack directly into computer systems in order to steal or corrupt data
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): These attacks involve hackers using bots to constantly spam your business’ servers which cause them to shut down
  • Phishing: These are usually aimed at your employees with the aim of getting them to open a link in an email or conning them into handing over personal information on a web page that looks legitimate
  • Malware attacks: These are typically viruses or spyware that hackers will try to put onto your system or computer to steal information or monitor your usage without your knowledge or consent

With each attack there are different risks and different ways to mitigate them in order to reduce the chances of falling victim.

Training staff on best practice when it comes to security is a key way to ensure you don’t suffer a successful cyber attack.

Whether it’s warning against the risks of using public wifi to access business systems or not opening suspicious emails or clicking links, it can all help.

But having the right business broadband in place can also be a great way to avoid or reduce threats.

Here’s why:

Why business broadband is great for security

If you’ve got broadband at home, you’ll know that security is built in to help keep your information secure.

For one, your wifi connection itself is password protected to limit the people who can gain access to it, and domestic broadband does have security features built in.

However, business broadband has higher levels of security built in, and more proactive measures included, some include:

Email screening: We’ve seen above how a number of cyber attacks come in the form of malicious emails that target your employees. Some business broadband packages come with additional security that can screen every email coming into your business and block suspicious mail so it never gets to your employees

Secure firewalls: Firewalls act as a barrier between your business and hackers who may try to get into your business’ computer network directly. All broadband comes with firewalls built in, but business broadband is more robust because it’s specifically created to deal with the tougher threats businesses face, rather than homes.

Virus protection: While having a virus get into your system is a problem, the bigger issue is virus detection and the fact that some viruses can sit on your network undetected for long periods of time. With business broadband, you get much more efficient protection and detection so if you do have a virus get into your computer, you can get it removed quickly.

‘Guest’ wifi extensions: Some business broadband solutions come with the option to lease an additional line which essentially embeds a guest wifi network into your business which is separate from your main connection. With a guest wifi connection you can give access to guests and visitors when you need to, without exposing your business’ main broadband connection and data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Because your employees may need access to your business’ network and data from anywhere, you need to ensure they are connected securely. Some business broadband comes with a VPN solution attached that allows users to bypass the internet and connect directly with your business using a private network.

Create a more secure, reliable connection with business broadband

Business broadband can not only help your business be more efficient and productive with faster wifi speeds and connections, it can also provide additional security features to keep yours and your customers’ data and information secure.

If you want to know more about business broadband or are looking for a reliable deal, browse our options or get in touch.

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