Manchester City Centre to Enjoy Enhanced Mobile Signal Get All Offers

Manchester City Centre to Enjoy Enhanced Mobile Signal

A Big Win for Connectivity in Manchester

Residents and visitors in Manchester City Centre on the Virgin Media O2 network are set to benefit from a major boost in mobile signal. This exciting development comes after a new connectivity agreement was announced. The initiative aims to improve mobile coverage, ensuring better connectivity for everyone.

Enhanced Mobile Signal Across the City Centre

The new agreement promises to bring enhanced mobile signal throughout Manchester City Centre. This means fewer dropped calls and faster internet speeds for users. As the city’s population keeps growing, and more tourists visit there is a greater demand for data, so having better mobile connectivity is vital.

Partnership with Leading Telecom Providers

The project is a collaboration between Freshwave and Manchester City Council, who are committed to enhancing the mobile network infrastructure Digital Strategy for 2021-26, which outlines our ambitious vision to build a more digitally enabled future for Manchester. By working together, they aim to deliver a more reliable and robust mobile signal across the city centre.

Modern Infrastructure for a Modern City

To achieve this Freshwave are installing more than 20 small cells with state-of-the-art mobile network equipment and other advanced technologies to boost signal strength. The new infrastructure including outside the Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester Piccadilly Station and Piccadilly Gardens will be seamlessly integrated into the cityscape, ensuring minimal disruption to residents and visitors.

Benefits for Local Businesses

Local businesses are expected to see significant benefits from the improved mobile signal. Enhanced connectivity can attract more customers, as people are more likely to visit areas with reliable service. Plus, businesses can take advantage of better mobile connectivity to streamline their operations, boosting efficiency and keeping customers happy.

Better Experience for Tourists

Tourists visiting Manchester City Centre will love the benefits of improved mobile signal. Finding their way around the city, sharing fun moments on social media, or staying in touch with loved ones all require a reliable mobile network. With the improved connectivity it will make the visit much smoother, leading to an even more enjoyable experience.

Commitment to Future-Proofing

This new connectivity agreement is part of a broader commitment to future-proofing Manchester’s infrastructure. As technology evolves, having a robust and flexible mobile network is essential. This project ensures Manchester remains at the forefront of technological advancements, ready to embrace future innovations.

Looking Forward

The new connectivity agreement is a significant step forward for Manchester City Centre. The enhanced mobile signal will bring numerous benefits to residents, businesses, and visitors alike. With this new venture, Manchester is ready to become an even more connected and vibrant city!

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