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Business mobile phone review: Samsung S21 Ultra

More cost effective than previous ‘Ultra’ models, but packed to the brim with features

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra key features:

Size: 165.1mm x 75.6mm x 8.9mm

Weight: 227g

Screen size: 6.8 inch

Resolution: 3200 x 1440 (Quad HD+)

Chipset: Exynos 2100 processor (5nm) – International

Battery: Li-ion 5000mAh, non-removable

Charging: Fast charging 25W, USB Power Delivery 3.0, Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W, Reverse wireless charging 4.5W

Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Memory: 12GB, 16GB RAM

Front camera: 40.0mp

Rear camera: 108.00 MP + 10.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 10.0 MP

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at a glance

If you’ve ever wondered how much you could pack into a smartphone that lets you do everything you could want for your business, then Samsung Galaxy’s S21 Ultra is the one for you.

As you’d expect from Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Ultra model, this is the prime competition to the similar spec Apple iOS business phones.

It packs a punch with a fast, powerful processor that lets you handle business tasks on the go with ease.

And with a larger screen size than Samsung’s other Galaxy S range, it makes it easier to scroll or reply to emails and messages or review documents.

This might not be the one for you if you’re on a tight budget, but if you’ve got the money and want an enterprise level Android business phone, look no further.

How does it look?

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose the Phantom black or silver, this is a stylish business smartphone that looks the part, as well as performing it.

If you want something a little more out there colour wise you can also get this phone in Phantom Titanium, Navy or Brown.

The only thing you’ll have to think about is whether to hide such a stylish finish under a phone cover (although if you’re going to be using it out and about then we’d recommend you do invest in one to protect your investment).

The S21 also pulls no punches with the screen resolution and image quality (this isn’t surprising given the phone comes with five cameras) so you don’t have to worry about looking grainy on Zoom calls.

And with a 6.8 inch, 120Hz display, you’re never going to struggle reading the fine print of your important business documents or emails.

How does it perform?

We can’t say enough about the performance quality of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If mobile security is something you’re worried about, it’s built in biometric scanning means you’ll never have to worry about someone gaining access to your phone without your consent.

The S21 Ultra comes with Samsung’s Exynos 2100 processor so you get 50% faster processing speeds when compared to the S20 model so you easily switch between high bandwidth tasks without losing performance.

And while the S21 Ultra doesn’t come with a micro SD card slot (something that’s becoming more common in Android business phones) you won’t struggle for space with storage starting from 128GB and rising to 512GB.

Even if you do find yourself running a bit short, you can easily and affordably invest in cloud storage.

Plus, despite the high spec performance, it doesn’t do much to diminish the battery life of the S21 Ultra. The Li-ion 5000mAh battery can provide more than 20 hours of moderate usage before requiring a top up.

And even that won’t take long with the fast charging 25W and Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging meaning you can be back up and running after a few minutes of charging time.

Finally, while the large display gives you plenty of room for typing and scrolling, if you do find your thumbs or fingers a little big for the screen, the S21 Ultra is fully compatible with Samsung’s stylus pen, which will make interacting with the screen even easier.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a high spec, high performing business mobile phone that won’t leave you short in the performance area while helping you go about your business in one of the most stylish looking phones Samsung have produced.

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