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Top 5 business phones we’re most excited about in Q4

It’s been a big year for mobile phones with the continuing rollout of 5G and the potential that has to improve mobile communications. 

Phone companies have also experimented with touch screen flip phones like the release of the  updated cult classics the Motorola RAZR with touch screen features. 

Mobiles aren’t just used for phone calls anymore, they’re used in business to get work done on the go. 

Whether it’s catching up on emails or logging on to company systems, users need a phone that can cater to this. 

But which of the new releases we’re expecting before the end of the year are best for business use? 

A lot of the new releases seem to have added or improved features appropriate for working remotely. 

So you’ll see a lot of similarities in the features like camera quality, battery life and storage facilities. 

In this blog post we’ll talk you through five of the most exciting mobile phone releases from now until the beginning of 2022. 

Q4 has some exciting phone releases that will be great for business use. Here are the ones that are on our radar. 

Apple iPhone – 13 

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, it has a long list of new features and improvements on the previous release. 

The main features that seem to be worked on each time, is the camera quality. 

In the iPhone 13, you can expect an ultra wide camera and a night mode that captures 47% more light, to improve the detail in dark photos. 

A new ‘photographic styles’ feature, allows users to create personal styles in the editing software on the camera app. 

If you have or are known for your unique style, you can achieve this on your phone when you’re on the go. 

The new cinematic mode gives users the chance to produce and edit videos, with professional effects and focus features. 

All of these new camera features will come in handy if you do a lot of photography or video work as part of your job, meaning you can create content without sacrificing on quality. 

The iPhone 13 promises 2.5 more hours of battery life and 128GB of storage, making it the perfect phone for working remotely and storing company software and data. 

With the longer battery life, you can go for longer, so you won’t have to worry about getting your work done on the go. 

The new design is promised to be a durable one, with a screen that’s tougher than any on the current market and waterproof features, it will withstand the odd drop and coffee spills. 

The new A15 Bionic chip is a new feature that promises a more secure user experience, which is great if you hold a lot of important data or access online storage from your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 (expected January 2022)

Although the full overview of the newest Samsung phone hasn’t been released yet, there are a few rumoured features that would be perfect for business use.

As with most mobile phones recently, there is an option for a smaller and bigger screen size. 

In the S22’s case, the screen sizes are smaller than previous releases like the S21, with the ‘plus’ version being 6.66 inches, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re used to a bigger screen. 

Again, the camera quality seemed to be a priority when designing the new model. 

Featuring technology from Olympus, you can expect a much better camera experience.

If you’re working from home and rely on video calls for meetings with clients etc, the new camera features can help enhance the quality and experience of this. 

Users of previous models found the phone overheated when used for a long time, which the new vapor chambers aim to fix, so optimal performance is maintained. 

If you’re relying on your phone to get your work done out of the office, this feature will help. 

The pen stylus is staying for the S22, which is good if you need to create presentations on your business mobile phones, or if you prefer to use one to make notes etc. 

It’s also been said they’ve put a priority on battery optimisation to deliver a better battery life, so you never have to see ‘battery running low’ when you’re in the middle of writing an important email. 

Sony Xperia 5 iii 

The new releases all seem to be catered to heavy use, whether it’s gaming, watching films or working remotely. 

Camera performance has been improved, so if you need quality images and video as part of your work, Sony has got you covered. 

Video conferencing seems to have replaced face to face meetings, so improved camera quality means your clients can see you more clearly even when you’re on the go.  

A lot of companies upgrade their business mobile phones regularly, to ensure all features are up to date and they work as efficiently as they can. 

With this, Sony has made content transfer between your old and new phone even easier, and it doesn’t just have to be with a Sony phone, it also works for Android and Apple devices. 

This is helpful if you have a lot of contacts or saved documents on your phone that would take a while to transfer everything. 

Similar to the Samsung, the new Sony mobile phone has built-in overheating prevention, for long working days. 

So even if you’re relying on your phone for most of the working day, quality and speed won’t be compromised. 

It features a slim and lightweight design, so you can fit all the things you need for work in your back pocket. 

An improved battery of 4500mAh means you can work for longer with the same amount of power as a full charge. 

The water resistant and dust prevention features means you can leave your phone in your desk drawer over the weekend or spill the last of your morning coffee and the performance won’t be affected. 

Huawei P50 (expected 21st October 2021) 

After looking at the features of the Huawei P50, it’s obvious it had business mobile phone users in mind. 

It has easy to use, cross-device collaboration for documents, pictures and company software, so you’re never far from your work. 

Huawei has recognised that people could be using their mobiles for the majority of the work they do, so they need to make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

It makes finding things easier, with app shortcuts in the new smart folder. 

This way you can group things together and your work life can be separate from your social one. 

Huawei is promising speedy operation response and application start up, even after a few years. 

Google Pixel 6 Q3 (expected Autumn 2021)

Google seems to be keeping things under wraps with their newest phones. 

Set to release in Autumn, Google are keeping their cards close to their chests with their newest addition. 

So, we have some rumoured features that seem to vastly improve the experience for the business phone user. 

Google phones have always had sleek and modern designs and by the looks of it, the Pixel 6 is no exception. 

In terms of charging, the new phone will support wireless charging to keep your workspace free of any unnecessary wires. 

It’ll also enable faster wired charging, so even if you have a long day of working on your phone, you can charge it quickly and easily wherever you are.  

Extra features include the two cameras – a main one and one featuring an ultra-wide lense for the ultimate photography experience. 

Which phone will you choose?

With mobile phones being such a competitive market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. 

Many now have the same features and similar designs so it’s a struggle to tell them apart. 

Communications Plus have a team of experts trained in all the latest releases.  

All you need to do is say what you want in your business mobile and our team will do the rest.

Get in touch now, or try our savings calculator to see how much you could save when you choose Communications Plus to sort out your business mobile phones.

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