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8 ways a business phone can save you money

Having a business phone is a necessity.

It can make you and your team more productive.

Help you better manage remote working.

And it can help you keep your business data secure, rather than relying on employees using their own devices.

But using dedicated business phones can also help you save money for your business and allow you to put more resources into other parts of your business.

It’s just another reason you should consider investing in business phones.

If you’re wondering how a business phone can save you money, keep reading.

1 – Consolidate your costs

Many businesses rely on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing employees to use their own phones for business.

Most do it because they think it’s cheaper than investing in business phones, but it can actually end up being more expensive.

If an employee needs a replacement phone, you can either wait for them to get one – which might not be quick if they have to pay for it and don’t have the money.

You might end up paying for each individual phone’s repair or replacement if you need your employees to have their phones back quickly.

By investing in business phones you can keep track of all your expenditure in one place and even get reduced costs by buying bundles of phones for business, rather than relying on individual purchases.

2 – Bundle your services

When you buy multiple business phones you’re able to bundle all your services into one package, rather than buying individual devices.

This can help you get a better deal overall and can help you save a lot of money by bundling your mobile devices and packages into one plan.

Not only will this make things cheaper, you’ll also be able to better track your spending on your mobiles.

3 – Get a tax benefit

Not many people realise the tax benefits of using a dedicated business phone, rather than using a personal phone.

If you use a personal phone, you can’t reclaim any costs on the device, and can only partially claim back tax on your phone usage.

Even on the costs you can claim back, you have to work to identify which calls were business and which were personal.

If you use a business phone, you can claim back all your costs because business phones registered to the company are deemed an allowable expense.

4 – Save money on future sales and marketing

While you might be happy using your own mobile phone when you start your business, when you start to grow you might not be happy publicising your mobile number.

It will make it much harder to turn off after work, and you could end up taking more sales calls from your personal phone.

Not to mention, you’ll have to spend money changing all your marketing and sales material to update your new number if you do eventually get a business phone.

By investing in a business phone earlier, you’ll not only avoid having to give out your personal number for work, you’ll save money reprinting your marketing.

5 – Increase productivity

While mobile phones can make employees more productive, they can also become distracting when they’re got personal apps downloaded.

With dedicated business phones, you can restrict the types of applications that can be used by employees to remove distractions during the day.

And with the right mobile management systems in place, you can also monitor how your business phones are being used and make adjustments to improve productivity.

6 – Avoid costly upfront fees

If the idea of buying expensive business phones seems like too big of an investment, you don’t need to worry about upfront costs because you don’t need to pay to own the phones outright.

Business phone contracts work just the same way as a personal contract except they can be adapted much easier.

That means you’ll get the phones as part of your call and data package, with no upfront phone costs.

7 – Get enough data with your phone plan

One of the biggest costs business owners find with their phone phones, is they don’t plan for enough data as part of their plans.

Particularly today with more employees working remotely, data plans – and the costs for exceeding them – can be expensive.

With a business phone you can get a better idea of the amount of data your employees will need, and get a specific package that will give you enough data.

8 – Use a Business Sim-Only deal

If you’re happy for employees for use their own numbers, but they don’t want to give out their personal numbers, you could invest in sim only deals instead.

Using Sim-Only you don’t need to worry about expensive phone costs.

Instead you’ll just pay for the calls, texts and data as part of the plans.

Make a better investment with business mobile phones

There’s a number of benefits to getting a business phone over using a personal device.

Particularly when it comes to investing your money in the right place.

By easily saving costs on your business phones, you’ll have more money and time to invest in other areas of your business.

To find the right business phone with the best plan suited for your business, get in touch or browse our latest deals.

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