Virgin Media O2 Partnering With Hiya Get All Offers

Virgin Media O2 Partnering With Hiya

A New Dawn in Spam Protection

Ever found yourself swamped with one too many spam calls or texts, wishing for something to come to the rescue? Well, your wish is Virgin Media O2 and Hiya’s command!

Virgin Media O2, alongside its mobile virtual network pals like giffgaff, Tesco and Sky is rolling out the red carpet for Hiya Protect and Hiya Connect. These two products combine to tackle those annoying calls and jazz up your caller ID with branded calling services. It’s a game-changer, trust us!

Recognising This Modern-Day Challenge

Our phones are like our lifelines, right? But when they’re constantly buzzing with spam, it’s like a never-ending game of ‘important or not?’ and ‘do I answer, or not?’.

Virgin Media O2 and Hiya have seen this challenge and raised the bar high to meet it head-on. Bringing advanced tools and services to keep both personal and business calls in the UK free from those unwelcome intruders.

A Match Made in Telecommunication Heaven

Virgin Media O2’s partnership with Hiya ensures that these connections are more secure and meaningful. Guaranteeing that an incoming call is worth answering.

This partnership is setting the stage for a dramatic drop in spam calls and messages.

By integrating Hiya’s cutting-edge technology, Virgin Media O2 customers can expect a drastic reduction in spam calls and texts. Resulting in fewer disruptions day to day and more peace of mind knowing that your communications are safeguarded.

The Tech Behind the Scenes of Virgin Media O2’s Partnership with Hiya: How Does Hiya Work

Imagine a day with less “Urgh, not again!” and more “Oh, it’s you!”. That’s what’s in store for Virgin Media O2 customers, giving you peace of mind and making your day run smoother.

Hiya’s tech is pretty much the superhero gear your phone has been waiting for. Equipped with the intelligence to identify spam calls and messages before they reach you, this technology provides you with the added benefit of ensuring a full day devoid of any disruptions.

Thanks to some clever machine learning and a hefty database of known spam numbers. And the best part? It learns and adapts continuously, maintaining a one-step lead.

What Will This Mean for You?

For consumers, this partnership is a breath of fresh air. This is a sigh of relief. No more second-guessing every ring or beep. Your time and focus can go back to what really matters, without the constant interruption of spam.

For businesses, it’s a solid gold win. Every call and message you send is trusted and reaches its mark. Meaning reliability in your communications is taken to the next level!

For business customers, this means trust and reliability in your communications. Ensuring that your important calls and messages reach their destination without being ignored or lost in a sea of spam.

Looking Ahead: New Beginnings

The partnership marks the start of a mission to evolve, aiming to introduce additional tools. Refining their services to match your needs as they change.

This partnership is a testament to their dedication to providing a safer, more enjoyable communication experience for everyone.

Virgin Media O2’s partnership with Hiya is a pivotal moment in the fight against spam.

At Communications Plus, we’re all about high quality business mobiles, VoIP, and Ultrafast Fibre broadband services. As an O2 Excel Business Partner our customers benefit from Hiya spam protection as part of their services, helping to keep your communications clear, spam-free, and secure. Allowing you to focus on connections that really mean something.

Find out more about our latest business mobile deals and how Hiya can boost your business.

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