Revolutionising Mobile Connectivity with Smart Poles Get All Offers

Revolutionising Mobile Connectivity with Smart Poles

Smart Poles for Smarter Mobile Connectivity

Virgin Media O2 has introduced something impressive in the UK, a nifty piece of tech called smart poles. The Result? Making a big leap in how we stay connected wherever, whenever. 

Smart poles combine 4G and 5G tech and connect it right on top of their super-fast fibre network. These aren’t your average poles; they’re smart, slick, and don’t need the usually lengthy planning and installation process to get up and running. 

In just a few hours, these poles are ready, flowing with Virgin Media O2’s fibre network, ‘digital electricity’ technology.

The Magic of Digital Electricity

Imagine a street lined with about 25,000 existing fibre cabinets, all providing mobile connectivity on Virgin Media O2’s network with a Smart Pole. This could be the beginning of making mobile networks faster, boosting mobile coverage and capacity, and adding new technology network upgrades easy.

Even more surprising is they could be powering up smart city tech and even EV chargers using the same duct networks they’re already running on.

Innovative Trial with Smart Poles Sparks New Possibilities

So, how did this all come about? Virgin Media O2, with help from Liberty Global, decided to shake things up in the mobile world by blending their existing fibre network with these new smart poles. 

These poles are smaller than the masts we’re used to and can be built in less than a day with less planning permissions. They house what’s called small cell technology, which means locally people get a stronger mobile signal, especially in busy spots. They are simply connected to the Virgin Media Fibre network right there in the existing cabinet, so its an instant win for mobile coverage and business users in that area.

Small Cells, Big Impact

The magic doesn’t stop with just better coverage. The electricity for these poles flows through Virgin Media’s fibre network, making it a first in the UK. 

This not only powers the poles but also supports the flow of data, helping our mobiles buzz with internet goodness. Virgin Media O2 is no stranger to the small cell game, and this will gear them for even better service. 

This way of setting up network infrastructure is not only quick but kinder to the planet too. This trial will also ensure that urban areas won’t be left wanting more mobile capacity.

Simplifying Network Expansion

New mobile infrastructure can be a long haul – for standard cell sites you need permission, set up, connect to power, and then ensure it handles internet traffic. For companies that haven’t merged their services, this means extra costs and complexity. 

Virgin Media O2’s trial, is showing how merging mobile tech with existing fibre network can speed up the planning process, saving time and money, and in the process making a stronger, faster network for consumers a reality.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

With around 25,000 cabinets ready and waiting across the UK, the potential to expand is huge. 

These smart poles could very well be the answer to the growing demand for mobile access in cities and beyond. And with add-ons like EV chargers, Virgin Media O2 are opening up ways to make the most of their network.

A Brighter Future with Virgin Media O2‘s Smart Poles

Jeanie York, the Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Media O2 said “We’re always looking for new ways to work smarter and deliver more for our customers. Ground-breaking trials like this can help boost mobile coverage and bring next generation services to even more customers”

By harnessing their existing infrastructure for both power, mobile coverage and data, Virgin Media O2 are paving the way for faster rollouts, new income sources, smart city development, and making the most of their big, combined network. It’s all about delivering more, smarter, and faster, for everyone.

At Communications Plus we’ve got you covered. As an O2 Excel Business Partner we provide the best mobile solutions, experience and support for businesses of all sizes across the UK. So why not start the journey today, get in touch.

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