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iOS 18: What can we expect?

A New Era with RCS Messaging and AI Innovations

Apple’s iOS 18 is rumoured to revolutionise the way we communicate and interact with our smartphones. Among its most anticipated features could be the introduction of Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging, which promises to enhance the messaging experience for iPhone users.

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS Messaging could bring a new level of richness to text communications on Apple devices. With features such as read receipts, typing indicators, high-resolution media sharing and enhanced group chat functionalities. RCS Messaging on iOS 18 would make conversations more interactive and engaging.

Additionally, as RCS Messaging is designed to be ‘cross platform’ it would introduce the possibility of communicating with Android devices in a way that’s currently not possible with iMessage. With these advancements, iOS 18 redefines what users can expect from their Apple iPhone.

Examples of RCS features:

  • Extended Text Length – Breaking free from the 160-character limit, allowing for more expressive and detailed messages.
  • Typing indicators – Can provide real-time awareness when someone is responding.
  • Read receipts – Will offer transparency, showing you when messages are read. 
  • Large group chats – Facilitating larger group conversations with up to 100 participates, if they use RCS. 
  • High-quality media sharing –Enabling the exchange of high-resolution photos and videos. 
  • RCS Messaging over Wi-Fi – Allowing message sending without a cellular network, ensuring connectivity even in areas with poor mobile coverage. 
  • Transfer large files – Supporting the sending of larger attachments than traditional SMS. 

AI at the Core of iOS 18

The AI enhancements expected in iOS 18 would represent a substantial leap forward in the integration of artificial intelligence with the iPhone user experience. These advancements should make Apple devices more intuitive, personalised and efficient.

What New AI features could play a significant role in iOS 18?

Personalised User Experience:

  • Contextual Learning: AI algorithms in iOS 18 are designed to learn from user behaviours, preferences, and patterns. This means the device can tailor recommendations, from app suggestions to music playlists, based on individual usage.
  • Predictive Text and Responses: Enhancements in predictive text and smart reply to functions in messaging apps utilise AI to offer more accurate and contextually relevant suggestions, making typing faster and more intuitive.

Enhanced Photography and Videography:

  • AI-Powered Camera Features: The camera app uses advanced AI for features like scene detection, optimal lighting adjustments, and real-time photo enhancements, catering to both amateur and professional photography needs.
  • Improved Video Editing: AI algorithms can analyse video content, suggesting edits or enhancements and making it easier for users to create high-quality videos.

Advanced Voice Assistance:

  • Siri Upgrades: Siri, the virtual assistant, will be more responsive with a wider range of requests and greater understanding, with improved AI algorithms. This includes better natural language processing and quicker responses.

Smart Accessibility Features:

  • Adaptive UI Elements: AI in iOS 18 can adjust user interface elements based on the user’s interaction patterns, making the device more accessible and user-friendly, especially for those who have disabilities or preferences.
  • Enhanced Audio Features: For users with hearing difficulties, AI can optimise audio settings in real-time, adjusting volumes and frequencies based on the environment and user needs.

Security and Privacy:

  • Proactive Threat Detection: AI enhancements include better monitoring and detection of potential security threats, offering more robust protection against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats.
  • Privacy Protection: AI-driven features work to identify and alert users about apps that may be accessing personal data without consent, reinforcing Apple’s commitment to user privacy.

Energy Management and Efficiency:

  • Intelligent Battery Usage: AI algorithms optimise battery usage based on user habits, thereby extending battery life, and reducing the frequency of charges needed.
  • Smart Resource Allocation: The AI in iOS 18 can intelligently allocate device resources, ensuring smooth performance while maximizing energy efficiency.

AI in Health and Wellness Apps:

  • Health Monitoring: Enhanced AI capabilities in health apps provide more accurate monitoring and personalised health recommendations, potentially including features like sleep analysis and stress management.

iOS 18 a Transformative Update?

Apple’s iOS 18 is expected to be not just an incremental update but a significant leap forward, enhancing the way users communicate, interact with, and perceive their smartphones. By integrating RCS messaging and AI innovations, Apple could set a new standard in smartphone technology, emphasising personalisation, security, and efficiency.

As always, we’ll have to wait for the official launch to see if these rumours hold true. At Communications Plus you’ll always get the advice and expert insight into the latest products available.

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