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Protect your business mobile phone wherever you go

When the success of your business is reliant on being able to make or receive calls from anywhere, or access your critical business data and information on your phone, the last thing you need is your mobile device to be out of action with damage from a drop or spill.

But when you’re working remotely or on the go, or even when you’re office based, accidents can happen. And while modern business phones are more robust than they used to be, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra bit of protection.

Protect your business phone from cracks, chips and other damage with a durable, stylish phone case that will protect your business smartphone.

Choose from a variety of designs, patterns and colours that will match your style so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for protection. With a durable mobile phone case from Communications Plus, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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Benefits of using a mobile phone case

Protection and durability

The right phone case protects and enhances the durability of your business mobile phone. It’s perfect when you’re using your mobile device on the go when there’s a bigger risk you could drop it. Plus, a durable phone case can help keep your device looking newer for longer.

Unique and custom appearance

Don’t worry about sacrificing looks and style for protection. Our durable phone cases come in a range of styles and appearances to match what you want – you could even find a style to match your brand. And while our range of phone cases are durable, you don’t have to worry about them turning your sleek smartphone into a brick.

Improved grip

While modern business mobile devices are smart and sleek, they can be harder to get a firm grip on and this makes it more likely you could drop your device in the hustle and bustle of mobile working. A phone case helps get a firmer grip on your phone and reduce the risk of dropping it.

Safeguard against cracks and chips with a screen protector

A cracked screen or a large chip not only ruins the look of your smartphone, it can become a real hindrance if you need to use your phone for work. While modern business phones have more durable, tough glass screens than previously, adding some extra protection can pay off in the long run.

With a screen protector guarding your phone in the case of drops or spillages, you can be confident your phone will stand up to challenges of heavy use in a more mobile, remote working world.

Not only can you keep your screen looking fresh and new, you can greatly reduce the chances of incurring high costs to replace your phone’s screen (a screen protector is much cheaper to replace).

corporate business mobile deals - iPhone 12 Communications Plus

Find the right business phone protection and screens

Make your business mobile phone last longer and protect it from the risks of spills of fall damage that come with more mobile and remote working.

At Communications Plus we have a range of screen protectors to fit mobile phones of all shapes and sizes.

Our screen protectors are a perfect fit for the latest iPhones and Android devices alike and are guaranteed to keep your device safe from the dangers of breakage that come with everyday use.

Find a long-lasting, robust and easy to use screen protector and keep your business device safe and working perfectly for longer.

Find a full range of business mobile phone accessories

We have a full range of accessories to compliment your phone. Get the latest from top brands to protect your devices, such as Sketch, Otter box and Apple. and power up with the Belkin charging range. Take calls wire-free with in-ear headphones from Apple and Sony and listen to your music with Bluetooth speakers from Harman Kardon and JBL.

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