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iPhone 12 Highlights

Check Out The Handset Specifications

5G compatible
A14 Bionic processor
6.1 inch display
Fast and wireless charging
4-core GPU
FaceTime HD (1080p) video calling over 5G or Wi‑Fi

Qualities of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a new business mobile. Stay connected, complete tasks and be reachable by colleagues no matter where you are. 

If you’re away from your computer but need to review a task, the easy-to-navigate display means you can do this with ease. View your calendar, task list and more, quickly with the iPhone 12. 

Looking for a durable phone you can trust? The iPhone 12 features a ceramic shield – one of the toughest glass types available for mobile use – so you can throw it in your bag when you’re in a rush, without the worry of costly repairs. 

Yes, it’s a durable investment but it’s recommended you use a screen protector for extra protection.    

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Count on your iPhone 12 for business use

A business mobile phone is for more than the odd call. With remote working being more popular than ever, it’s vital technological advances keep up and assist businesses to the best of their ability. 

5G connectivity in the iPhone 12 allows for faster download speeds, better video streaming and real-time interactivity. This doesn’t just support mundane tasks, it aids sophisticated applications and complex programmes necessary for more challenging projects. 

Many mobile users worry about 5G draining their battery or the overall running of their phone, but with the iPhone 12, you don’t have to. The Smart Data Mode introduced by Apple automatically converts to 4G, when its more powerful sibling isn’t needed, maintaining battery life for when you need it most.

Stay organised with the iPhone 12

If you’re a loyal Apple user and fan, and already have an Apple laptop or tablet, a compatible business phone is a great option. 

The iPhone 12 is compatible with your Macbook, iMac, iPad and Apple Watch. 

Any updates will automatically sync across devices using iCloud, meaning you can keep all documents together and aren’t at risk of losing any completed work or contacts. 

Work smarter with Apple’s iPhone 12 for business

Whether you use a business phone to reply to in-house emails or count on it for the more important tasks, it’s vital it can respond quickly to even the most demanding applications and programmes. 

The A14 bionic chip is a sophisticated feature of the iPhone 12 that allows for multiple applications to be open and running at once while maintaining efficient battery life. This offers 50% better CPU and GPU than other, competing models – setting it above the rest in the performance category. 

If you’re looking for a business phone that’s easy to use, durable, secure and offers a smart performance, the iPhone 12 is perfect for you.

Get the iPhone 12 for business at Communications Plus

Interested in making the iPhone 12 your new business phone? Contact Communications Plus today for competitive tariffs. 

We offer cost-effective plans with reliable data, texts and calls to make working on the go a breeze. 

Having worked with countless businesses from a range of sectors, our expert team are more than happy to help you out – whether you need some support setting up your new iPhone 12 for business, or want to know more about our offers, Communications Plus is always ready to offer a helping hand.

Why choose iPhone as your next business phone?

When it comes to usability, it doesn’t get much easier than an iPhone. Just tap or swipe to get around and find your applications.

Need to add new applications? The App store is full of productivity apps that can help you do your business better and quicker while the speed and power of Apple’s software means you can run multiple apps without issues.

Plus, with employees working out of the office and on the go, you need a robust and durable device that can withstand the everyday strains and stresses that come with mobile working.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series are built for durability with a ceramic shield front that helps protect your business mobile from whatever the day throws at it.

And with 17 hours of video playback between charges, you can be assured that your iPhone business phone will keep your employees connected throughout the day with no worries that they’ll lose connections during an important call.

Need an extra charging boost during the day, with wireless charging capability of the iPhone 12 series means you won’t have to worry about staying close to a fixed power supply.

Get your next iPhone 12 for business on O2 with Communications Plus

With a dedicated team of more than 210 people we’ve helped businesses get the best phones and deals for their business for years.

We’ve got a full range of business mobile phones and can help make sure you get the best deal for you and your business.

With a full support team behind you, you can get your new iPhone 12 delivered and ready to go in a few days.

Having a few problems? Our team can help get you back on track quickly.

We’re available when you need us for anything from basic set up requests to phone replacements.

Get in touch with us today to talk about getting your new iPhone 12 for your business.

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