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iPhone 12 Highlights

Check Out The Handset Specifications

6.1 inch screen
5G enabled for superfast download speeds
162g weight
Up to 17 hours video playback between charges

Get 5G speeds on your next business iPhone

If you need to download and transfer data to do business, then you need a reliable connection to your business mobile phone. 5G on the new iPhone 12 gives you superfast speeds and low latency so you can download files faster and have better quality communication.

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Why choose iPhone as your next business phone?

When it comes to usability, it doesn’t get much easier than an iPhone. Just tap or swipe to get around and find your applications.

Need to add new applications? The App store is full of productivity apps that can help you do your business better and quicker while the speed and power of Apple’s software means you can run multiple apps without issues.

Plus, with employees working out of the office and on the go, you need a robust and durable device that can withstand the everyday strains and stresses that come with mobile working.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series are built for durability with a ceramic shield front that helps protect your business mobile from whatever the day throws at it.

And with 17 hours of video playback between charges, you can be assured that your iPhone business phone will keep your employees connected throughout the day with no worries that they’ll lose connections during an important call.

Need an extra charging boost during the day, with wireless charging capability of the iPhone 12 series means you won’t have to worry about staying close to a fixed power supply.

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