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iOS vs Android: Which is best for your business mobile phones?

This is perhaps the most common question we get from customers when it comes to choosing an operating system for their business mobile phones.

Should we use Apple devices and the iOS operating system?

Or should we go with Android?

When it comes to iOS and Android, you typically fall into one of the camps, and find yourself being loyal to that operating system.

Both have their plus and minus points, especially when it comes to using them in a business setting.

And there really is no answer to ‘which is the best operating system’.

In reality, it simply comes down to your preference.

But while it’s ultimately your preference that will decide whether you go with iOS or choose Android, there’s a few things we can tell you that might help make your decision easier.

So here’s the main things to consider when it comes to choosing iOS or Android as the operating system for your business mobile phone.

Choice of devices

Android wins this category.

With iOS you’re limited to Apple devices.

With Android you’ll have a much wider choice of phones from developers like Samsung, Nokia or Google.

Ease of use

This one goes to Apple and iOS.

Apple’s operating system is one of the things that its loyal fans love so much about it.

Navigating around an iPhone is simple and you can easily get to most of your applications or content in a few clicks.

Widgets can be moved around different pages, but apart from that there’s not much else in terms of customisation so you can quickly get to grips with how things work.

Plus, it’s pretty intuitive and easy to pick up, so even if you’ve never used an iPhone before you can figure out how it works without too much stress.

For the most part, iPhones and iOS work today just like they did back when the iPhone first launched.

From an Android perspective, the operating system is much easier to use and navigate today than it used to be.

However, because Android works across multiple devices – and not every device is set up to work the same – it can be harder when switching between Android devices if you don’t stick with the same manufacturer.

Customisation options

When it comes to customising your business phone, Android wins this hands down.

While iOS is arguably more intuitive because iOS and Apple devices all work the same, with Android you can customise the look and feel of your device and make it work more how you want it to.

This goes from everything to the wallpaper and background on the phone down to custom swiping and navigating your way around the device.

One of the biggest examples of how customisable Android is compared to iOS is how you can change the launch applications you use for key tasks like email and web browsing.

On iOS and Apple, Safari is always the default web browser because it’s run by Apple – and this is the default regardless of the other web browsers you’ve got on the phone.

If you want to use Chrome, you have to download Chrome and go through the app to use the web-browser, and the same goes for email.

With Android you can choose which web browser you want to use as default and change it whenever you want.

Choice of apps

This is a close call.

You’ll likely find that many cloud based applications like Word or Google Docs can be downloaded on both iOS and Android and you likely won’t have any compatibility issues.

There are however some applications that are exclusive to the operating system you choose.

For example Facetime and iMessage are only available on iPhones so if you wanted to use this for video calls etc, you and the recipient would both need an iPhone.

Having said that, there is a lot of crossover now between applications and you likely won’t find yourself at a disadvantage regardless of the operating system you use.


Again, security isn’t a big issue on either iOS and Android and you’ll be well protected regardless of which you use.

But, there is an argument to be made that iOS is the stronger option.

The main reason is that iOS is a closed ecosystem when it comes to app development and developers have to go through a rigorous process of development and testing within a closed system before the app can be launched in the App Store on iPhones.

Android on the other hand is open source, which allowed for more customisation and development opportunities, but it does leave the door slightly more open for malicious activity or apps to be available without the strongest security.

There’s also the issue of security updates.

Apple is well known for a regular schedule of updates to its operating system and this includes the security updates.

Android does have these updates but they can be more irregular.

Android is also quicker to remove updates from older devices, which can put them more at risk despite being only a few years old.

Apple on the other hand allows much older models to be updated, meaning you can stick with your older phone for longer while still benefiting from the operating system and security updates.

Operating system updates

We’ve already touched on this, but the general operating system updates follow the same pattern as the security updates on iOS and Android.

This gives Apple and iOS the advantage.

IOS updates are fairly regular and you can continue to update older phone models for longer – unlike the Android equivalent.

Android vs iOS – often it comes down to preference

There are pluses and minuses of using iOS and Android, and often it just comes down to your personal preference and which works best for you.

If you’re a fan of Apple devices and its ease of use and compatibility of apps between other Apple devices, it’s unlikely you’ll be swayed by the benefits of Android.

On the other hand, if customisation and adaptability is what you crave in a business mobile phone, you’re more likely to get the most of the Android operating system.

Whichever side you come down on, we’ve got a wide range of both iOS and Android devices available at Communications Plus.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Apple device or Samsung phone, we’ve got a full collection for you to view.

Browse our collection of the latest iPhones and Android devices or use our savings calculator to see how much you could save for your business by getting your mobile devices from Communications Plus.

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